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HarpEssence is an ensemble of five harpists who came together to celebrate their passion for the harp.  The group performs all styles of music, often in intricate 5 part harmonies.  Beautiful runs, soaring glissandos, and delicate fingering surround you with the gorgeous sounds of five concert grand harps.


HarpEssence performs for all types of events such as weddings, teas, funerals, church services, museums and gallery events and corporate events.  The five concert grand harps and their beautiful sounds create an elegant backdrop for your event.



In addition, HarpEssence performs programs for libraries, schools, clubs, retirement centers and any organization that would like to have a musical program that is unique and educational.  We offer standard programs such as Christmas Joy!, Music Through the Ages, Love Makes the World Go Round and Celtic Sounds.  We will also work to develop a program around a theme you request.  The music in each program is interspersed with brief explanations about the history and mechanics of the harp.  The program ends with a question and answer period, as well as the opportunity for guests to try their hand at the harp!




We are

Susan Koskelin

In addition to being a retired school librarian and a storyteller, Susan has been a musician for many years and fell in love with the harp several years ago.  She began studying and playing the harp immediately and continues to study this beautiful instrument with Kimberly DeRosa.  Susan plays for many weddings and special events in the DFW/Denton area.  She has also played with local orchestras for productions of "Phantom of the Opera," "The Wizard of Oz," and "Cinderella."


Joan studied piano until she married a career Army officer.  After earning two degrees while her husband served in Vietnam, Korea, and an ROTC assignment, she taught English at several colleges until she retired from Tarrant County Community College.


Since 2003 Joan has renewed her love for music by studying the harp with Geoffrey Ricketts.  She plays her pedal harp in schools, churches, libraries, restaurants, private parties, hospitals and retirement centers.

Grace Johnson

Grace recently retired as Business Manager of WRR Classical 101.1 FM.  An accomplished pianist and accompanist, Grace has toured Europe and plays for private events.  As a harpist and student, Grace participates in two harp ensembles:  the Geoffrey Harp School Ensemble and HarpEssence. 


Linda Mudd

Linda spent many years as a pianist/accompanist prior to devloping an interest in the harp, currently studying with Kimberly DeRosa.

In addition to performing in HarpEssence, Linda is part of Voice + Harp, The Selkie Girls, and performs for special events, including weddings, churches and private events in the DFW area.

Ceci 4.2023.jpg

After a few years of playing around with the lever harp on her own and falling in love with it, Ceci began studying pedal harp in 2016 with Cindy Horstman. She retired from the professional world of performing
and teaching oboe in 2022.


Ceci has participated in numerous workshops
such as Harp Fire, Harp Journeys, and O’Flaherty Irish Music Retreat. In
addition to HarpEssence, she is currently a member of the Brookhaven
Harp ensemble.

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